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"Climb the mountains and nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into trees, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." 
John Muir, Sierra Club founder, had a profound love for the natural world. He experienced peace in nature, but also witnessed injustices against it. Recognizing that the environment lacked its own voice, Muir spoke on its behalf. "The battle for conservation will go on endlessly," said Muir, "It is part of the universal warfare between right and wrong." 
It is with Muir's spirit that Rhode Island Sierra Club volunteers lend their voices to the environment. By lending your own voice you can help combat climate change, advance the green economy, imporve our transportation system, and encourage families to get outdoors.
Muir recognized that some would always seek profit at the expense of the environment. Still, nature can be protected when our voices are raised together. "Wrong cannot last," said Muir, "Soon or late it must fall, while some compensating good must surely follow." 
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Our Issues

Pedestrians, bikers, and transit riders need to be considered every time state and town planners consider new projects. Multimodal communities provide transportation, health, safety, and qualitiy of life benefits that automobile-centric communities do not. The Rhode Island Sierra Club is dedicated to ensuring Rhode Island's streets are accessible to more than just cars. 



A rapid transition to renewable energy is key to avoiding going over the 2° C temperature rise that even conservative estimates agree is the acceptable limit. The Rhode Island Sierra Club is working to get legislation passed that would provide a variety of smart tax credits to people who pursue renewable energy projects. On a larger scale, the Club is supporting the responsible development of offshore wind farms to help reduce our state's dependence of fossil fuels. 
Rhode Island is the Ocean State, so we have a lot at stake when it comes to the sea level rise associated with global warming. We've witnessed 10 inches of rise since the 1940s, and we can expect 4-6 feet more by the end of the century whether or not we reduce global carbon emissions. The Club is helping Rhode Islanders adapt and prepare for what is in store, while also working to combat greenhouse gasses at their sources.  Read the Chapter's "Primer on Climate Change in Rhode Island" here.

Up Next! --> Outings and Events

Apple Picking at Phantom Farms
Saturday, September 13, 10:00 a.m.
2920 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland, RI 02864
Join the RI Sierra Club for apple picking (MacIntosh) at Phantom Farms. Kerri, from Phantom Farms, will greet us and offer a short discussion about the farm, her operation, and farming practices. Meet in the garden center at the picnic tables under the arbor at 10 am. To find the arbor, head towards the “Pumpkin Patch” sign in the garden center. Pricing: $20/peck (can be split between up to 4 people), $30/half bushel (can be split between up to 7 people).
Biking the Blackstone River Bike Path
Saturday, October 4 at  8:45 am
Lippit Park in Providence 
If you live in Providence and want to know the best route to access the Blackstone River Bike Path in Lincoln, join this outing. We will navigate through Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls to reach the beginning of the bike path, then continue along the scenic, paved, bikes-only route further north into Cumberland and possibly to its terminus in Woonsocket depending on how the group is feeling.

Meet at Lippit Park in Providence at 8:45 am with your bike or at the Kelly House at the end of the Lower River Road in Lincoln with your bike at 9:45.


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