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Adapting to Coastal Erosion

Rhode Island is the Ocean State, and we have a lot at stake when it comes to the sea level rise associated with global warming. We've already witnessed 10 inches of rise over the past 70 years, and we can expect 4-6 feet of additional increase by the end of the century whether we reduce global carbon emissions or not. This is the stark reality that demands we not only mitigate our carbon pollution but also adapt to the rapidly changing climate we've created.


Rhode Island is at the forefront of climate adaptation. The RI Climate Change Commission released a study with a comprehensive set of policy suggestions that should be implemented as quickly as possible. Additionally, the Coastal Resources Management Council has proactively started a Beach SAMP (special area management plan), which will produce more finely detailed analysis of the impacts of sea level rise and resulting policy recommendations. You can help make climate adaptation a priority by bringing the Beach SAMP and the work of the Climate Change Commission to the attention of policy makers in your city or town.


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