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Citizens Climate Lobby


Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is new to the RI environmental scene and its mission is to create the political will for federal climate legislation. Persistent and nonpartisan, CCL volunteers meet with their members of congress (MOC), editorial boards and community groups, building support for putting a price on carbon.  Last year there were 70 chapters throughout the USA. Today there are 150. These people are stubborn and want action on climate.

Find them on Face Book:  CitizensClimateLobbyRhodeIsland

Email the local chapter at: RhodeIsland@citizensclimatelobby.org

CCL’s ideal legislation looks like this:

  • Place a fee on carbon according to the carbon intensity of the fuel at the source
  • The fee would start low  - $15/ton and increase $10 per year
  • 100% of carbon fees would be collected and returned as a dividend to all households equally
  • The majority of American households (about 66 percent) are estimated to earn back as much or more than they pay in increased costs
  • The fee goes up predictably over time, sending a clear price signal to begin using fossil fuels more efficiently or replace them with low-carbon energy
  • That price signal motivates investment to move into low-carbon technologies, as the true cost of fossil fuels is brought back onto the balance sheets of those who sell them
  • The rising cost of fossil fuels increases the demand for low-carbon products, making them even less expensive as they reach mass production
  • This clear and easy-to-understand price signal (increasing fossil fuel costs and decreasing low-carbon technology costs) drives the transition to a clean energy economy

The Northeast CCL will be holding their Regional Conference March 1-2 at Stony Brook University on Long Island.  Charles Komanoff, Director of the Carbon Tax Center in DC, will be the keynote speaker and beginner/advanced lobby training is on the agenda.  Registration & Info: www.CCLLongIsland.Wordpress.com/regional-conference/

On June 22-24 CCL will converge on DC for their annual National Conference and Lobby Day. CCL volunteers aim to outnumber paid fossil fuel lobbyists on the Hill, building relationships with MOCs and their aides.

Find out more at: http://citizensclimatelobby.org/


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