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Protected Bike Lanes on Westminster?


Providence is looking to become more friendly for cyclists. Plans are in the works to bring a bike share program to the big city, and the new iteration of Bike Providence was released recently. These are trends that bode well not only for Rhode Island's environment, but also for its economy, as Providence tries to woo young professionals to move in and revitalize the neighborhoods that were emptied out by the exodus to the suburbs.

Another encouraging sign is a grassroots effort that has sprung to life on the West Side of Providence, where community members have joined together and started a petition asking that the City implement temporary protected bike lanes on Westminster Street. The idea, based on the similar experiences of other cities, is that once people get a taste of the bike lanes, they won't be willing to give them up. Hopefully, that will be the case. 

You can see a diagram of how the design of the street might look here: http://streetmix.net/-/100044

Let's make it happen. SIGN THE PETITION HERE


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