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CLIMATE CHANGE – Why some scientists are panicking.

By Peter Galvin, 11/10/13 -- Prominent climate change scientists are now in panic mode.   These experts do not believe the world will succeed in reducing fossil fuel emissions enough to avoid a civilization threatening increase in temperature.  Some are saying we must accept nuclear power to keep the wolf from our doors.  Others are saying we need to double down on adaptation strategies because the wolf is already at the door.  Are they right?    

Climate Change: The Hole We've Dug, Opportunities to Climb Out

By Peter Galvin / 10.11.13 - Scientists around the world have reached a consensus that, at current emission rates, we have less than 30 years to completely stop generating greenhouse gases if we are to avoid facing major threats to our civilization. In some places collapse will come much sooner.  To put it another way, scientists now agree that we are emitting greenhouse gases at such a fast rate that, absent drastic change, we will end up emitting almost as much in the next 30 years as we have emitted since the beginning of the industrial revolution, and that such an emissions level will push us over the edge of the climate that has prevailed on the planet for millions of years.  

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