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Outings & Events

Sierra Club Outings and Events connect us to you!

Events provide a forum for public outreach and positive action.

From exploring the White Mountains to Ninigret Pond, Outings allow us to enjoy the beauty of nature, create friendships with other environmentalists and remind ourselves of the resources we're fighting to protect.

Please join us!


JUNE 10, 5-7pm, RI Statehouse Lawn


RI Sierra invites all groups and members of the public to act together and
support a rally at the RI Statehouse on Wed. June 10th from 5pm to 7pm.
the place where we all live and work - it is a common, not a special, interest.
Global Warming is an emerging crisis not a future problem.  If we continue to do
“business as usual” and treat it as secondary to economic, social or political
needs,  it will ultimately unravel any plans we have to build a better future for RI.  
To accomplish this monumental task we will need “All In” working on positive
plans which are scaled to the problem,  and  do it on Natures timeline, not
artificial man-made timetables. Are you in? Then sign up here
**The goal here is to bring 250 people together - WE CAN DO IT!!!!
Support Levels:
Endorser- any group that pledges to bring 50 people to the rally will get on the
speakers list automatically and  and they help shape the speaking schedule in
their area and the program.
Affiliate- any group that pledges to bring 25 people to the rally will get a the
speakers list automatically but not automatically serve on the selection or
organizing committee.
Ally-They may be asked to submit speakers for consideration but mostly just
support the rally through promotion through their networks.
This is a work in progress but the structure mirrors the People’s Climate March.
Thanks you for your interest,
Robert Malin
Rally Coordinator 401 497 7419
Ellen Peters
Assistant Rally Coordinator







Help us to get OUT by Volunteering!!! We need YOU to revitalize our Outings and Events Programs!

Here's the truth: People are busy, and we understand how crazy life can get, but it's also the reason our active volunteer base has dwindled, so we're asking YOU to get involved to help your RI Sierra Club Chapter grow and rejuvenate so we can provide more fun programs FOR YOU and OUR COMMUNITY. 

Sierra Club is looking for a few volunteers to help out with coordinating and hosting outings and events, as well as some people to help us get in touch with more members personally, through - imagine!- a real live phone call! We are launching a direct-access campaign to get more people actively involved in RI Sierra Club and we'd love your help in doing it!

New ideas and suggestions for outings and events are helpful too. Is there a "Green" event happening at your office, school, gym, or place of worship? Let us know about it and we can work together to bring other Sierra Club members to the event. It takes a community to create a community and we need YOUR help to create a stronger, more active RI Sierra Club. 

Please call 401-740-QUAHOG to sign up, or for more information. Thank YOU!!!!


Monthly Events

Executive Committee Meeting - Public

Second Wednesday of each month. 6:30pm-8:00pm at 42 Rice St. Office. 

Meet your local Executive Committee members and find out what's current in chapter action. Get involved as a volunteer!

(Meetings subject to change without notice.) 

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